The new proposed extension to the Barnstaple and North Devon Museum was revealed this week at an event on Monday evening at the Museum.
Gale & Snowden Architects were selected to undertake a study for North Devon District Council to undertake concept designs for a new Museum extension. 
The proposals revealed on Monday show a new modern extension to the West wing of the existing Victorian Grade II Listed Museum, and next to the nationally significant Grade I medieval ‘Long Bridge’ originally constructed in 1280. 
The site was once home to a building of some significance (see image below), however this was demolished last century, leaving behind leftover space which the new Gale & Snowden design seeks to heal.
Previous building on the site
At the same time the design seeks to recreate the ‘Gateway to Barnstaple’, which was once formed by the previous building on the site and the opposite Bridge Chambers building, with the Long Bridge framed between these buildings.
The new Museum extension will incorporate low energy and healthy building features for which Gale & Snowden has become renowned. The design also addresses the significant historical setting in the centre of an ancient market town, whilst creating a state-of-the-art museum experience.
View from the Square, looking south
Internal view of the extension, looking south towards the Taw
View looking north across the Taw – note the ‘Gateway to Barnstaple’
Gale & Snowden previously designed the new Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) Collection Store known as the ‘ARK’, and the RAMM in the Library museum exhibition – both in Exeter. The practice is currently in the process of designing another museum for a community in South Devon.
More information on the Barnstaple and North Devon Museum can be found on their web site: