We were on site before Christmas continuing our overseeing role at Mosshayne Farmhouse.
The scheme consists of an 170-year-old farmhouse which we have completely renovated and super-insulated with external wall insulation and triple glazing, and is now moving to the latter stages of completion.

As well as designing and overseeing the architecture, we were also responsible for designing the mechanical and electrical systems, consisting of a wood burning cooker with thermal store, solar thermal hot water panels for hot water, and low electromagnetic radiation electrical systems.

Heat loss is minimal due to the super insulation, and we recently tested this by carrying out an infrared survey, also using the infrared camera to aid with commissioning the thermal store and wood burning cooker.

The clients are happy to have recently moved back in and enjoyed spending Christmas in their new warm and cosy home.

“You will be pleased to know that we have been warm and comfortable over Christmas, and loving how the whole house can be warm from just one log burning cooker.”