Gale & Snowden Architects have been shortlisted for a 2015 INCA Award.
INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association, is the recognised trade association for the external wall insulation (EWI) industry. The longstanding INCA Awards demonstrate the vital role for EWI in improving the energy efficiency of buildings, lifting households out of fuel poverty and transforming local communities.

Gale & Snowden are short-listed within the ‘Domestic New Build’ category for their fourteen affordable COB2 Passivhaus projects Barberry Close (Bennett Square) & Silverberry Close (Brookway), working with Exeter City Council, Alsecco (UK) Ltd and PRS Group.

A pdf project report case study of the two developments, written by Alsecco, can be found here.

Barberry Close and Silverberry Close are two of three developments completed earlier this year by Gale & Snowden Architects for Exeter City Council.  Together with Reed Walk the sites provide twenty new houses for Exeter’s social tenants.

Barberry Close
Photo credit: Alsecco / Elizabeth Savage
Silverberry Close
Photo credit: Alsecco / Elizabeth Savage
Silverberry Close
Photo credit: Alsecco / Elizabeth Savage

The award ceremony will take place at the black-tie INCA Awards dinner on Thursday 8th October 2015 at the prestigious 8 Northumberland in London.

“Our design focussed on a fabric first and optimal orientation approach based on Passivhaus principles to first minimise the energy demand of the building, reducing its carbon emissions, before adding renewables where appropriate. The result is a low-carbon solution that responds to a changing climate and tackles fuel poverty at the same time.

 By incorporating Building Biology healthy design principles in to the design from the outset, the building can provide an uplifting and life-enhancing environment. Building Biology is the holistic study of the man-made environment, human health and ecology.

The developments at Brookway and Bennett Square therefore incorporate a range of measures to ensure a healthy and comfortable internal environment including such features as organic paints and stains with low or no toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), radial electrical wiring designed to reduce the amount of electro-magnetic radiation and easily cleanable surfaces with no fitted carpets which can harbour dust mites, to name but a few.”

– David Gale, Gale & Snowden Architects

Gale & Snowden are working towards reducing the environmental impact of existing buildings and have a longstanding history of using external wall insulation (EWI) on dwellings. This has been recognised as being exemplary in a number of publications, including the Carbon Trust / BRE – Good Practice Guide 293: External Wall Insulation for Dwellings, which Gale & Snowden wrote for the BRE and has since been updated by the Carbon Trust.

This publication is a technical appraisal of the EWI industry and provides guidance for designers and specifiers of external wall insulation for dwellings. It can be viewed online here, or below:

To view the INCA Press Release and full nominations for the INCA Awards, click here.