Two developments of Passivhaus council housing by Gale & Snowden Architects for Exeter City Council have been praised by Exeter Civic Society – an influential and respected local voice which is consulted on new developments within the city, and aims to promote high standards of planning and architecture in Exeter.
The following response was received during the planning consultation period:
“We are very pleased to let you know of our enthusiastic support for the design of these new council houses.  We do think it is a credit to the City Council to be proposing buildings; and with all credit to the architects Gale & Snowden; at long last for the 21st century.  As you know, we look at a lot of applications; many from large developers; which we consider are; if anything; only paying lip service to present and future needs, whilst in practice simply reproducing the past.
The Passivhaus principles are clearly an excellent framework and without going into detail we would highlight the central quality that ‘…allows units to be designed without a conventional heating system’.
We look forward to seeing the finished units, expecting the colour treatment to add to the gaiety of the city.
This is courageous and forward looking, and we wish we could see much more of it.”
Reinvention of the city terrace – conceptual visualisation
No fuss and low cost – intelligent low energy, affordable housing achieved by simple design and good solar orientation