Gale & Snowden Architects has appeared in January’s Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) online Magazine, Construction Manager.

The article, ‘Going green in 2015? Here’s what you might need’, written by Katie Puckett, discusses specifying sustainable materials within new builds, a circular economy ‘in which everything is reused or recycled’, and the ‘growing “healthy buildings” movement’ and newly-formed Building Biology Association, recently set up by Gale & Snowden – further information can be found here. Director David Gale quotes:

“We have strict criteria when selecting materials, based on building biology principles…we’re looking for healthy materials that work dynamically with the building.”

David is also quoted in a second article, ’10 products we’ll be seeing more of this year…’, also by Katie Puckett:

“In the right circumstances you don’t need insulation in the walls…as long as the rest of the building is compact, well-insulated and airtight…it is possible to build a Passivhaus block of flats with just clay brick walls – rendered each side and that’s it. We need to move away from cavity wall construction.”