Renewable Energy Engineering

Our service focusses on firstly minimising energy requirements in the fabric and form design. Our in-house renewable energy engineering specialists then design and integrate appropriate and relevant renewable energy systems into the building project

Our service includes the following:

  • Renewable energy development studies for schemes
  • Pre-planning feasibility studies
  • Energy modelling assessments for a range of different renewable energy strategies
  • Site assessments and managing pre site testing for suitability
  • Systems design
  • Multi integrated design – linking thermal stores into solar panels, heat pumps and wood burners
  • Commissioning and handover

Renewable Energy Systems

Typical renewable energy system

  • Centralised biomass systems – pellet, wood chip and log boilers
  • Small scale wood burning stoves systems – sealed combustion, highly efficient with or without back boilers
  • Solar hot water panels – flat plate, evacuated tube
  • Photovoltaic panels PV
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro and water turbines
  • Heat pumps – earth, air, water

Renewable Energy Projects

Woodchip boiler system: Trelowarren Estate; Various schools in Derbyshire

Pellet boiler system: Estate in Cornwall

Integration of small-scale log burner systems: Numerous projects

Log burning boiler system: RHS Rosemoor

Heat pump systems: 30 borehole hospital scheme; 6 borehole large estate scheme; Various horizontal slinky schemes for private homes and conference centre

Micro air source hot water system: Large estate

PV and solar panels: Wide range of schemes (schools, houses, community centres)

PV, heat pumps, solar panels and wind turbine: Development of zero carbon sports and community centre