Gale & Snowden are award-winning Passivhaus Designers and Consultants, established in 1992 working throughout the UK and Internationally. The practice has been involved with the design and development of Passivhaus schemes in the UK since 2008

The practice specialises in Passivhaus Design & Consultancy and is one of the most prolific Passivhaus Designers in the UK having designed over 100 Passivhaus Certified buildings. We were the Architects and Passivhaus Designers that designed the first multi-residential buildings in the UK in 2008 at Knights Place in Exeter City and in 2020 we were the Architects and Passivhaus Designers to design the first multi-residential Passivhaus-Plus Certified building in the UK at Seaton Beach, Devon

The practice has designed the first two Passivhaus Leisure Centres in the world and have extensive experience of commercial Passivhaus Design


Gale & Snowden offers a full collaborative design service or individual consultancy service to Local Authorities, Developers, Contractors and Architects seeking to meet the stringent criteria of the Passivhaus Certified standard

Gale & Snowden employs highly experienced Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Building Physicists, Passivhaus Designers and Building Biologists, all of which come together to provide a fully integrated Passivhaus Design approach that also optimises building occupants’ health.

The practice employs highly technically able and experienced Passivhaus designers, often working in collaboration with other Architects and Design Teams – offering support such as providing specialist design service, consultancy and Passivhaus training, air tightness seminars and workshops, etc


Gale & Snowden has designed the world’s first multi leisure Passivhaus facility which is to be certified through the Passivhaus Institute in Germany and is currently being built in Exeter at the bus station site. This project involves a close collaborative team approach with Gale & Snowden working alongside the Leisure Architects (Space & Place) and other design team members, such as ARUP

The practice is working with various Councils, the Government and other organisations to help them achieve their zero carbon policies by implementing Passivhaus standards

Gale & Snowden’s Passivhaus Consultancy roles include specialist Leisure Centre consultants in collaboration with GT3 Architects and the design team for the Spelthorne Community Leisure Centre, the first Passivhaus Certified wet and dry Leisure Centre in the world, making Gale & Snowden the most experienced Passivhaus consultants in the world regarding low energy and Passivhaus Leisure Centres


Gale & Snowden works collaboratively by nature. We offer specialist design and consultancy services for all RIBA Stages which supplement and enhance projects

The practice undertakes regular presentations and training regarding Passivhaus, healthy building design and other sustainable design topics for professional bodies, design teams, contractors and clients

The practice also produces Good Practice Guides and other technical papers such as the BRE Good Practice Guide 293 on External Wall Insulation and Passivhaus Guide for Sports England

Gale & Snowden are pleased to work in collaboration with Architects and Design Team members working to optimise efficiencies and costs for any Passivhaus project. There is a range of services that Gale & Snowden can provide, and we would be pleased to discuss our involvement with your team