Environmental performance monitoring of the Passivhaus scheme Knights Place is now under way.    For the next 2 years 3 flats at Knights Place will be monitored to study their actual energy and environmental performance against their original design intent. All too often buildings are being designed and built to Part L energy regulations and performance monitoring of these buildings has found that they are falling far short of their original design calculations.  Excessive heat loss through the fabric and high infiltration rates, issues associated with thermal bridging and poor air quality are being found with many modern new builds.   The monitoring work is being undertaken under the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Building Performance Evaluation programme (BPE).  The aim of this study is to monitor the following:
  • Air quality over 2 winters and 2 summers via CO2 sensors in the bedroom and living room
  • Air temperature and humidity monitoring over the 2 year period
  • Energy consumption of all the electrical sub circuits – cooking, ventilation, small power, lights etc
  • Solar hot water panel energy monitoring
  • Air permeability re-tests in the first year and second year after handover
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) monitoring – testing air volumes over time, power efficiency of the unit in use, heat recovery efficiency during use
  • Infrared surveys and fabric dynamic heat flux tests
  • Occupant surveys and BUS questionnaires

As results come in we will post them on our blog – keep an eye out, it should be interesting.

Knights Place Passivhaus

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Air permeability testing           Sub Metering & Data Hub

    Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Knights Place Infrared Image
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Wi5 Data Collection Hub