Gale & Snowden has been involved over the last 2 years in a very exciting project in Devon to design a new build office development built to Passivhaus Certified standards. The project has received funding from the Technology Strategy Board for the team to analyse predicted future weather and create design strategies so that the development is ready for a changing climate. 
The team has been able to come up with a series of future climate change adaptation strategies, some of which can be introduced at the beginning of the project, others can be included in the future as part of an ongoing adaptation strategy for example in an ongoing maintenance cycle.  The study has shown that it is possible, by employing sound building physics and being aware of the extent of future climate change and how this will affect the building and its users, to design solutions into the project so that the building can perform well into the future without the need for costly remedial works such as air conditioning and that this can be achieved at no or limited costs to the project.
As part of the dissemination process we are pleased to post our final design for future climate research report with this blog entry. The dissemination process will be an ongoing one and we would welcome comments and feedback on the work we have done and perhaps collaboration with future projects.