We are pleased to say that the monitoring data is now live on the BSRIA website – all the sensors are now working and streaming data with the exception of the solar flow meter which is still being tweaked.   
We can now see the following live:
  • Air Quality – C02 levels in the bedroom and living room
  • Temperature and RH levels in all main rooms
  • External temperature and RH levels
  • KWh sub meter data on all electrical circuits – lighting, small power, MVHR, hot water, etc
  • Water flow data
  • The amount of solar energy being received by the solar panels
Below is an early snapshot of C02 levels in parts per million (ppm)  over a 24 hour period in a bedroom at 3 Rowan House taken on the 27/06/2012.  External air C02 levels are typically between 300 – 400 ppm  In the UK levels between 800-1000 ppm in the internal environment are considered an indicator of good air quality.   It can be seen levels are below 600 ppm which is well within this limit.

We will be monitoring over a 2 year period so watch this space for further details as we begin to analyse this data in more detail.