Regenerating Our Environment

Our Practice is informed by an approach that recognises that people are part of nature and that by understanding and working with nature and natural systems we can regenerate our environment

We can provide all the things that we need; food, water, energy, shelter & community in a healthy, robust and ecologically sustainable manner whilst creating beautiful places to live work and play

Understanding the science of how the natural world works gives us the tools to produce elegant and efficient design solutions

We deploy rigorous physics and biology to create buildings and integrated landscapes that need little energy and enhance our health and invigorate us, whilst improving the environment and supporting our communities

This approach is known as Permaculture, which involves whole systems thinking and strives to integrate people into designed productive ecosystems – this is the ethos that underpins our practise, the work that we do and how we live

Fully Integrated Design, Optimised for Health

“An Object seen in isolation from the whole is not the real thing”  – Masanobu Fukuoka

We believe that a holistic and integrated approach to design is essential in delivering design solutions that work as intended

This is why Gale & Snowden provides a fully integrated design service including experienced Architects, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Building Physicists, Building Biologists, Passivhaus Designers and Permaculture Designers

We are collaborators and innovators that work together as a family of like-minded people who strive in each of our projects to exceed our client’s expectations

A balanced approach to design allows us to optimise design solutions for energy and cost efficiency as well as health and well-being – defeating fuel poverty and improving quality of life for all

We are committed to positive change for the long term

Gale & Snowden Architects has been at the forefront of healthy ecological design since 1992 making our practise one of the leading environmental architectural studios in the country – the practice has won multiple awards through the decades and has been the first to deliver Passivhaus buildings: the first multi-residential Certified Passivhaus buildings in the UK; the first multi-residential certified Passivhaus-Plus building in the UK; and the first Certified Passivhaus Leisure Centre in the world

Our team has a deep knowledge base and our experience ranges across a wide spectrum of project types and sectors from:

  • private homeowners to community projects
  • primary schools to universities
  • small businesses to corporations & charity organisations
  • playgrounds to public leisure facilities
  • allotments to broadscale farmlands
  • ponds & wetlands to productive aquaculture systems

Our Mission

It is Gale & Snowden’s mission to create healthy, beautiful buildings and landscapes that regenerate the environment around us and connect people to their location, to nature and to each other

Gale & Snowden aspires to change the world for the better and we look forward to doing this with you