Winkleigh Primary School

A Classroom for the Future

Winkleigh Primary School is one of a series of steel-framed, system-built schools constructed in Devon in the mid-1970s.  It contains classroom work-bases consisting of small, interlinked spaces inappropriate for today's teaching and learning requirements.


This pilot project concerns the radical conversion and refurbishment of one of these work-bases into the Classroom of the Future.  The main thrust of this proposal lies in its potential for replication in similar schools across Devon and countrywide.


In the new accommodation, one large flexible space is created that can be subdivided into two individual work-bases.  After school and at weekends the classroom becomes a community facility.


The key principles employed in this project are:

  • energy efficiency
  • natural and passive ventilation
  • solar shading
  • sustainable specification
  • an understanding of contemporary educational needs