Torrington College

A new, inspiring drama suite and arts & humanities classrooms for the college and community

Torrington College
Torrington College
Torrington College
Torrington College

The new drama and music suite offers a confident and visible face to the public street scene. This elegant corner of the school, with its fully glazed music practice rooms presents the college’s best assets, the pupils themselves, to passersby as part of the living architecture of Torrington.


At the end of the school, a new art studio and humanities suite completes the campus.


The design was finalised following input from the school and all stakeholders, culminating in a presentation to the entire school at an assembly focusing on environmental design and the new school buildings.


Spaces are flooded with natural daylight and constructed with natural materials and colours. Viewing galleries enable the art studios to showcase their students’ creations to the school.


Gale & Snowden ‘master planned’ the campus layout. Spaces are cleverly laid out to cater for multi functional educational uses. The school can be opened out of school hours for groups wishing to use the music practice facilities, put on events and it can become a venue for performances in the drama facility.


The school and all the community facilities now have level access, a solution that was generated by Gale & Snowden’s master planning work.


The scheme married the acoustic requirements of music and drama with those of the need of a residential setting. The scheme cleverly meshes a naturally ventilated building with those of good acoustic design.


Key Features of the Design:

  • Natural ventilation throughout
  • Airtight construction achieving 2.9 air changes per hour @50Pa
  • School carbon emissions have been dramatically reduced by the incorporation of an energy efficient replacement boiler for the entire school building
  • School becomes an ‘accessible’ facility useable by the community at the heart of the community
  • Redesign of circulation roots within the school alleviated crowding and behavioural problems in corridors
  • Robust materials and design
  • Acoustic design
  • Natural materials
  • High levels of thermal insulation