Blue Coats Infant School

An exemplar environmentally-friendly school for 240 pupils.

The Infant School is part of the wider Torrington Vision Project which has been devleloped by Torrington Community over several years.  It is a one-stop shop for information, advice, care and education based around the Junior School.  The elements of this project are the relocation of the Infant School to the Junior School site, the Early Years Excellence Centre, the provision of new community facilities known as the Torrington Family Project and the upgrading of the existing Junior School.


General Aims of the Project:


  • To be an exemplar education facility for the community of Great Torrington
  • To be of sustainable construction
  • To enhance the facilities of Great Torrington Junior School
  • To connect with other elements of the Torrington Vision i.e. the Early Years Centre, the Family Project and the Junior School


Specific Features:


  • A partnership between related local organisations aiming to be responsive to locally identified needs and provide a wider vision for the development of care and education for the town of Great Torrington
  • Outreach and centre-based work, with drop-in advice, support and training; high-quality multi-disciplinary mobile provision supporting pre-schools and communities where no pre-school exists
  • Seeking to maximise the potential of the natural environment, including the use of common land and the school environment to promote the outdoor environment for learning and exploratory play


The design makes use of the sloping aspect of the site creating a split level building.  The younger children are on the ground floor and have direct access to outside play areas.  The KS1 children are on the first floor and have access to outside play spaces on the balconies.


There is a generously sized entrance canopy that has a glazed roof.  The space is multifunctional and well ventilated giving it an outside feel.  It includes the reception pod which is the single point of access and control for the building.  This space is also used for socialising, meetings and as an overspill from the community rooms and the IT cafe.

Bluecoats Early Years Centre

Integrated education, information, daycare, advice and opportunities for the wider community


Gale & Snowden continues to win design competitions and gain awards for its design work and delivered projects.